Presto! PageManager is the sister software to Presto! OCR and is primarily meant to work as a file manager for both Windows and Mac users. However, its user-friendliness, OCR software functions and document formatting abilities are lacking.

When we opened Presto! PageManager, it reminded us of Windows Explorer, as it displayed a directory of all the drives and files on our computer. However, to perform basic OCR software functions, we had to access the index in the electronic user manual under the Help tab for instructions. We were not able to find the features we needed just by poking around. For example, the Scan Settings function under File did not let us assign our scanner, and it would not perform scans until we figured out how to get the software to recognize it. In addition, at first, some of the icons didn't display a label when we rolled our mouse over them, although some labels started showing up later.

Once we got the OCR software to identify our scanner and we figured out where the OCR function was located, we were able to try a few of our samples. We were impressed that the Presto! PageManager includes a spell-checker and a range of other quality features. The OCR conversion seemed to be fairly accurate, but when the software transferred to the files to MS Word, the point size of the text was too large, it had too tight of line spacing, and the layout was unrecognizable. We were unable to copy the text to the clipboard within the software. The image quality of the graphics in our samples also transferred poorly.

This OCR software package is equipped to work with PDF and other image files, and it is compatible with MS Office applications. It will prepare text into MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, rich text, and text files. It converts tables and will allow you to change the direction of the page. It also offers file compression for archiving.

This OCR software package was not easy to use. We had to access the electronic user manual under the Help tab in the program for instructions for performing basic OCR functions.

Presto! PageManager is manufactured by NewSoft, a company based in Taipei, Taiwan. Its U.S. office is located in Fremont, California, just outside of Los Angeles. NewSoft offers a 30-day, money-back guarantee on its OCR software packages.

NewSoft's website provides contact information for reaching their customer service and technical support representatives. It also includes limited software tutorials and FAQs. This software package is compatible with Windows 7, Vista and XP. It also has a version for Macs.

The OCR software user manual available to us was located under the Help tab in the software. Although the manual did not have an intuitive design, we were able to find what we were looking for in the index by entering keywords into their search engine. In one case, under "Working with Images," the instructions actually misdirected us, but we were still able locate the "Perform OCR" function under the Tools tab on our own.

Presto! PageManager Summary:

We were surprised when Presto! PageManager didn't perform like its sister software Presto! OCR, which ranked second in our review. Although NewSoft has the technology to produce excellent OCR software, Presto! PageManager doesn't measure up. We recommend that you either re-type your documents or select one of the higher-ranked OCR software packages.


Presto! PageManager 9

Presto! PageManager contains a number of useful OCR software features.

Although the OCR conversion is fairly accurate, text is illegible when exported.

The Verdict:

Either retype your documents or select a higher-ranked OCR software package.